RK3588 Cases

1.Metaverse Terminal (AD-0158 )

AD-0158 metaverse computing box which use Rockchip RK3588 octa-core chip solution, the product is small and portable with super computing power

▲Support Nibiru OS

▲Support dual Type_c output

▲Type-C can support DP video, PD power output

▲Support HD MI output

▲Support USB3.0

▲Support PD fast charging

▲Support Gigabit network

▲Support internal battery

▲Support dual-band WIFI

▲Support Beidou + GPS positioning system

▲Support TF card holder to expand the storage

RK3588 -0158.jpg.jpg


 2. Edge Computing Device (AD-0160)

      AD-0160 edge computing box, using Rockchip RK3588 octa-core chip solution, with super computing power, 8K high-definition output, can be used in smart cities, security, retail, robotics and Internet, live broadcast machine, intelligent display, edge computing, Alot solutions, intelligent large screen, high-end intelligent self-service terminals and the need for multiple cameras and monitors and other references and other artificial intelligence terminal field.


     ▲Support dual HD MI output, single output can support up to 8K

     ▲Support DP video output

     ▲Support USB3.0*4

     ▲Support RS232*2

     ▲Support Dual Gigabite Ethernet

     ▲Support HD MI_IN

     ▲Support RS485 communication

     ▲Support M.2_SSD massive capacity expansion

     ▲Support dual-band WIFI

     ▲Support built-in 4G mobile network


 3. All-In-One Large Board (QEM-01)

     Intelligent industrial all-in-one large board, using Rockchip RK3588 octa-core chip solution. Support Android 12 system. Enhanced power management circuit. Support common external devices. Rich interface, stable performance. Suitable for intelligent remote network control: class industrial, medical, large advertising machines, educational video terminals and other equipment.

▲Support dual-way MIPI interface display + HD MI2.1 (8K display)

▲Multiple interaction modes interface: capacitive touch, infrared touch, USB keyboard and mouse, multi-point optical touch

▲Multiple network interfaces: Ethernet, wireless Wifi, BT

▲Multi-USB interface, serial port

▲Strong resistance to electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility


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