Manipulate "0" difficulty

V9H Provides physical button operation,convenient and accurate,

Immersion experience, immersive shocking viewing

You can keep indoors sit at home but feel like in a concert,experience of the wingsuit flying across
the desert,desert island,sea and other scenes, put you on the spot

Ergonomic design, tailored to wear comfortable

Accurate head-tracking and bottom picture delay, let the real into the virtual world, a new generation
off VR-V9H more lighter, wider,physical button easier to achieve precise control

Optical system,using imported
lens group

Diameter 43mm,focal length 38mm,
wide-angle 130°physical optical design to get
rid of screen,Imported high-definition optical material
19th processing technology 99.7% light transmission
far more than ordinary plastic lenses trnsmittance
93% so that the in front of images is real not like environment

  • Structure stability

    Structural stability, layout and orderly, allowing
    you to use more at ease

  • Buffered foam, comfortable to wear

    Free disassembly, ultra-comfortable viewing experience

  • RLight weight, easy to wear

    New VR-V9H lighter weight, let you wear easily,
    viewing more comfortable

Rich external connectivity devices, gaming
experience more exciting

Good compare with other accessories,connect with external devices, such as the dazzle gun for us to experience a more
realistic shooting games, the game accessories need to be purchased separately

Peripherals need to be purchased

Panoramic photos full watch

Like birds flying in the sky overlooking the city's beautiful scenery, like
the spacecraft to explore the universe to watch the vast universe,
720° no dead angle viewing, likely be
personally on the scene

Superpower CPU

Cortex-A17 Quad Core CPU, frequency up
to 1.8Ghz, adopting the out-of-order execution
architecture, greatly improved the efficiency
of implementation

5.5 Inch FHD display, best display
size and effect

FHD display panel with international standard, perfect presentation
of each detail of the games and films.

360° Panoramic scenes

You can sit at home and feels like in concert; fly over desert, island
and sea like you are wearing wing outfit.

Equipped with 9-axis gyroscope

Equipped with 9-axis gyroscope realistic precision head control